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Different perspectives… May 5, 2010

Posted by Katie in College Students, Quinnipiac University.
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Joanne Robertson, the Assistant Director of Admissions at Quinnipiac, sees many sides of the retention story.  She has two children who attend Quinnipiac and also interacts with each student who transfers into QU from another college or university.

She believes that choosing a major plays a huge part in deciding whether to transfer in or out of any school.

“Although we have a lot of very strong programs sometimes there’s a major that they all the sudden become passionate about that we don’t offer enough variety or enough coursework and they need to leave,” she said.

She cites the Criminal Justice program as an example of the differences in academic programs within QU.

“We offer a Criminal Justice major, but I certainly would not say to a student come to Quinnipiac for Criminal Justice. Come to Quinnipiac for Health Sciences, communications, business, or the MAT program,” she said.  Every school has its strengths and not every school can answer everyone’s requirements for a major.”

Sophomore Samantha Secor came to Quinnipiac because she liked the campus but didn’t know exactly what she wanted to study. Now that she knows what she wants to do she wants to challenge herself by going to Boston University.

Most prestigious schools actually have higher acceptance rates for transfer admissions than freshmen admissions.  This means, Secor might not have been accepted to BU as an incoming freshman but after declaring her major and doing well at Quinnipiac she can now transfer in.

“I am really impressed with their academic reputation,” she said. “Now that I’ve chosen a major I’m ready to move on.”

These are the schools with the top 10 highest acceptance rates for transfers of the US News Top 50 Colleges and Universities.

Senior Andy Lumnah almost transferred because he also felt he wasn’t getting what he wanted academically. He was torn between what Quinnipiac was offering for his minor and wasn’t offering for his major.

He is a Media Production major and wants to do production for a news station.  “I noticed that the production classes here were aiming more towards film and going into Hollywood and directing and that’s not necessarily what I wanted to do,” he said. He looked into Emerson College because of their strong news production reputation.

However, Emerson doesn’t offer a language program.  Completing a Spanish minor was too important to Lumnah to leave QU.

Sophomore Tom Corino was happy with the film training he’s experienced at QU, but wants to transfer for social reasons. Corino has a passion for music and feels he doesn’t really fit into the social scene at Quinnipiac.  He wants to go to Emerson or SUNY Purchase which have reputations for being “artsy schools.”

Here is more of what Robertson, Secor, Lumnah, and Corino had to say.

Robertson feels that although some students transfer out of QU because of the academic programs or the social scene, those are the very same reasons some students transfer into QU.

Matt Hudak and Lindsay Kazin are two heavily involved Quinnipiac students.  They feel they fit perfectly into the community and are taking advantage of all that QU has to offer. Here are their stories: